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Lamb Boxes

We have a flock of low input, extensively managed sheep which graze outside all year round. They have a diverse, natural diet- living and grazing amongst the wildflower meadows in the spring and summer, then moving onto forage crops planted on the arable fields in the winter. These practices all help to improve soil health, reduce water pollution, reduce nitrogen and pesticide use and improve biodiversity.

We are now taking orders for our last lamb boxes for the foreseeable future. Delivery date to be confirmed, but likely at the end of March/beginning of April 2023. Half or whole lamb boxes are available, with a half lamb box typically taking up the space of one freezer drawer.

We offer free delivery to the Galleywood area. Deliveries further afield may incur a small charge.

Please head to our online shop to place your order.

Whole Lamb Box

4 x Half Shoulder Joints
4 x Half Leg Joint
2 x Neck Fillets
2 x Mini Rump Roasts
6 x 4 Pack of Chops


Half Lamb Box

2 x Half Shoulder Joints
2 x Half Leg Joints
1 x Neck Fillet
1 x Mini Rump Roast
3 x 4 Pack of Chops


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